Hair: Red     Eyes: Blue    D.O.B. 7/05/01        SAG-E      Passport: Current


First Flight                                                             Boomer                                                    Dir. Tony Pfau

Barefeet                                                                Lead – Derek                                            Dir. Justin Leasure – CU

Hat                                                                        Boy                                                           Dir. Benjamin Garst – CU

Mattie and Carrie                                                  Bean Bag Boy                                          Dir. Tom Cassetta

Without Josie                                                        Sup. – Grandson                                       Dir. Ben Conrad – Brooks Institute Thesis

Quest                                                                    Lead – Ben                                                Dir. Chris Spitler – Saddleback College

My Best Friend’s A Girl                                         Lead – Cooper @ 6                                   Dir. Ben Conrad – Brooks Institute

Lunch                                                                    Supporting – David                                    Dir. Beth Burns – Chapman Univ. Thesis


Criminal Minds                                                       Co-Star, Jason Otey                                CBS

Baby Madness…& Candid Kids                            Guest                                                       Discovery TV

7 News                                                                  Self                                                           Denver Channel

Children of the Court – Pilot                                   Lead – Judge                                            Dir. Courtney Cleaver


Doritos Spec                                                         National-Web                                            Dir. Ben Conrad

Bass Pro Shops                                                    National                                                    Awards Spots

Marshfield Clinic                                                   Principal                                                    Walk The Line

Number Busters                                                   Principal                                                     MGA Entertainment

E-Toys / MGA Entertainment                               Principal-National                                       The Association- Tim Melchior

Wal-Mart                                                              National                                                       MJZ – Ray Dillman

ATM – “Green Slap” – Idling Car                         Principal                                                      Ground Up Productions

Ashley Furniture – Spelling Bee                          Principal-National                                        LBC

Ashley Furniture – Breast Cancer                       Principal-National                                        LBC

Amazing Jakes                                                    Principal                                                      Regional


Waiting for Godot                                                  Boy                                                           The Arvada Center

Melancholy Play                                                    US Lorenzo                                              Denver School of the Arts

Judevine                                                                Tommy Stames                                        Denver School of the Arts

The Bourgeois Gentlemen                                    Covielle                                                     Denver School of the Arts

Sherlock Holmes                                                   Busby                                                       Lafayette Theatre Co.

The Last Rights of Jeffery Mrytlebank                   Jerry                                                        Lafayette Theatre Co.

Shakespeare Festival 2011-2017                          Various                                                    Denver, CO


Webseries – The Chore Manager                         Kal                                                           Noggin Sauce Pictures

Punk Rock Pre-School                                          Young Johnny Rotten                              AOL

with Deborah Harry

Front Porch Stapleton                                           Interview                                                  Denver, CO

E-Toys (6x)                                                            Print                                                         National

Stapleton Magazine (6x)                                       Local                                                        Denver, CO


DCPA                                  Improv                         CO                   DSA                                     Brandon Becker/Shawn Hann              CO

Francine Michelle               On-Camera                  CA                   Larry Giannetti                     Private Coaching                                  CA

Kirsha Bullock                     Intensive                      CA                   The Actor Site                     Comprehensives                                   CA

Tracy Martin                        Classes                        CA                   Rachel Greengard Galt      Private Coaching                                   CO

Kimberly Crandall               Private Coaching          CA                   Play It On                            Improv                                                   CO

Mary McCusker                  Private Coaching           CA                  Kids Stage                          Theater Presentation                             CO


Above & Beyond The Call of Duty 2017                                                                              Denver School of the Arts